Currently supported joysticks are: It may be removed in a future revision of this document. More dead link fixes and other corrections. Usually one of the drives will fail during operation. TokenRing Take a look at the token ring web site here. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this document over the years.

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Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO |

Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks to Tom Hanlin for pointing out that there was no mention of them before. Older versions of K6 should be avoided as they are buggy.

A new protocol for controlling mass storage devices similar to SCSI protocols. Some Winmodem drivers do exist i. Cdwrite here and cdrecord here can be used for writing CD’s.

Filippo is using this modem under Linux directly without any problems and without soft booting from Windows. It can be downloaded from here. Also be sure that the fax part of the modem supports Class 2 or Class 2.


Certain Micropolis drives have problems with Adaptec and BusLogic cards, contact the drive manufacturers for firmware upgrades if you suspect problems.

Basically IDE over a much smaller cable. The drivers can be downloaded under the software download area at Creative’s web site.

For other platforms, check the following: Note that some drivers only exist in alpha kernels, so if you see something listed as supported but l2d32c in your version of the Linux kernel, upgrade.

These modems cannot be upgraded under Linux. Cards supported by this driver include the following: Probably other changes I’m forgetting, which should teach me not to wait so long between releases.

As the list of components supported by Linux changes constantly, this document will never be complete. Drivers currently running on 2.

Add some laptop notes. These drivers might be mentioned at various points in this document, ld232cc note that no effort has been made to make sure that this information is current.

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I list these cards because people frequently ask about them. For a list of supported hardware, see the Linux Input Drivers Supported hardware list alternate site here.


Below a list of devices reported as being Linux incompatible will be given. Information can be found here. Notes on proprietary drivers Use setterm to enable support in the Linux console, and xset to enable support under X. For more information about WinModems, drivers, etc, see http: Ghostscript Many Linux programs output PostScript files.

Models and later are supported by the paride driver. The following items need to be fixed for that to happen: Other useful documents include the following: Make sure you have at least rev 3. LILO parameters are needed when used for hard disks. Laptops In general, any laptop will support Linux fine.