Hish, who owns a collection of nearly 50 vehicles, most of them ’50s and ’60s muscle cars, also enjoys the camaraderie. One thing that makes us different is that we’re very selective about the drivers we use,” he said. But the person in charge definitely is Harrington, who grew immersed in the world of auto racing thanks to his father, Gene Harrington, who raced pro. Extra effort and teamwork replaced the aging Desoto Bridge in surprisingly short order. Our facilities also contain heavy-duty cranes capable of lifting over ton loads, as well as roller flattening and plate flattening machines We have a dedicated sales team ready to give you all of the information you need. Bridge Fabrication Manufactured Parts and Processing.

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We teach how to make evasive maneuvers. Since then, more than students have gone through the Right On Track racing program. In all instances, if you break it you buy it, Harrington said, adding that even at that price, it’s pretty reasonable. A typical course begins in class, and it’s at this phase-among the novice group-when Harrington inevitably recognizes the people who fancy themselves experts. The aerodynamic vehicles come in shiny blue, white or red.

As spectator sports go, motor racing is a giant. A steel network tied arch serves as the successor to a gop steel truss honoring the famous female flyer.

The classes started attracting successful business people, corporations such as General Electric and even a few of the Bears. Fabricator and Atlas plasma burning machines, which offer quality, cost-effective results.


Not much of what Harrington and his group of instructors teaches will be found in Rules of the Road-aggressive motoring at maximum speed is the rule of the day. Gary, IN Phone: John Legat, who also races motorcycles and flies a single-engine plane, is appreciative of the unique opportunity.

A history behind the expansion of New Orleans’s historic Huey P.

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The school also carries liability insurance for itself and the track it uses. In the distance, a prolonged squeal signaling a possible spinout hizh Harrington to address the matter via his walkie-talkie, calling a driver who has been stopped by one of the instructors. Tomczak, a long-time racing fan, said the experience has given him the notion to race competitively.

When you’re done running here for a day, you just want to relax. But what remains the most fun for Singer, DeBord and Harrington is teaching people how to drive fast. For corporate outings, the racing class can’t be beat. We are very sensitive to saftey,” said Bill Hieh, vice president of member relations of the SCCA, a 50,plus member organization that sanctions competitive racing events.

During a two-day school last summer, eight advanced drivers came from the suburbs to Blackhawk Farms Raceway just north of Rockford. Corporate rates are similar, but negotiable.

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Bob Chalberg has been out four times this year. The cones are the dots, the car is the pencil,” said Harrington. There is no speedometer. tol

During the road routine, four students drive while the others are positioned around the winding track next to one of the free-lance instructors Right On Track uses. Right On Track is also looking into working with police training and movie and television driving. It’s pretty exciting,” Tomczak said from his current football home with the Steelers in Pittsburgh.


Our facilities to contain heavy-duty cranes capable of lifting over ton loads, as well as roller flattening and plate flattening hop We have a dedicated sales team ready to give you all of the information you need. Beginning classes require a little more lecture time, but they jor offer a substantial amount of time behind the wheel. Realizing that the school at first might not generate the capital necessary to keep Right On Track alive, the partners expanded their driving-related services, thus adding to their uniqueness.

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Let’s try keeping things a little cleaner this time. They learn what it’s like to be in traffic. The cars are driven by a rear-drive, 1. From warehousing materials, to cutting, to painting, Industrial Steel Construction offers services related to all aspects of the fabrication process in order to ensure high quality and timely delivery. Once they’ve done it, they’ll kill to go back.

It’s just you and the car.