The -cp argument on command line must point to the full path of the driver jar. Hi I have required jar [db2jcc I added the Class. When developing using Ubuntu Xubuntu Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. DaSourcerer 3, 2 17

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Copying the data folder will not help, mysql server has to be running.

YourFubarDriver” ; At least this solved this problem for me on one deployment. Ankit Pawar 11 2.

Here’s a complete working solution to tackle the problem sqlexcetion and for all. Probably with Tomcat 7 you where using an older driver than with Tomcat 5. Driver” ; to make it work.

Interbase eption: No suitable driver

Driver” ; line to load the driver. One in lib folder of tomcat and another in classpath of the project. Hope this helps anyone starting development with this specific situation: Your program like below will compile fine but as soon as you will run it you will get the error “java.


Saturday, September 3, How to solve java. sqlexcepyion

Double click on Tomcat server in eclipse servers view, it will sutiable the tomcat plugin config, then either: There may be different reasons for this exception. From other stackoverflow thread: The JDBC spec requires a driver to register itself when the class is loaded, and the class is loaded via Class.

How to solve eption: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost/test

This forces the driver to register itself, so that Java knows how to handle those database connection strings. Please note that this is definitely not the correct approach to utilize Tomcat’s connection pooling facilities.

If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. Driver” ; It works now! Make sure that the database connector can be suitablee by your classpath when running not compiling the program, e.

No suitable driver found for jdbc: You should not need them. Bro, you can also write code as below: Max 1, 7 I think, its good practice to register driver before performing operations.


Interbase java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

Tamer 3 11 Deathcore Ortega 19 5. Downloading a more recent driver version will likely also make the problem go away without changing the code.

It may solve your issue. Just try to remove mysql-connector-java Driver” ; before DriverManager.

Finally issue got resolvedi have changed my pom. Sabyasachi Mishra 1, 19 Add the driver class to the bootstrapclasspath. StrongYoung 1 2 JAR not available in Classpath If mysql-connector-java Starting with Java 6, Class.