I have spoken to Gateway tech support and searched the tech support website about the processor upgrade possibilities for this motherboard. Chances are remote with an Intel board that there are jumper settings that allow you to do this manually. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Users browsing this forum: Maybe you can use a slotket, I believe it has the options to change the Vcore??? However, the manufacturer hasn’t voiced the exact release date or recommended price yet.

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I did a fair amount of looking as well, and got to where you are and gave up. The Intel machine is basically my wife’s computer and I am looking to extend its life as far as possible.

If you have regular CPU you can set it whatever you want and it still works at what it set at factory. Besides, we should mention the HDCP 2. Originally posted by DavidCPA: I’ve got a coppermine in my gp I have looked at the latest available BIOS on the US tech website but it does not provide any details on supported processors.

This second site claims something else, but does the GX1 mobo really drop the voltage to 1.


inrel Regarding multipliers, is it too difficult to understand that it does not matter what multiplier you set either on the motherboard or slocket unless you have engineering sample CPU with unlocked multis? And even if you use Slocket that allows for voltage setting, you will not get below 1.

I am primarily looking for someone who has already made the leap to a new processor using this motherboard and finding out their experiences. My full tower G’s are two identical looking P and P cases. I did find that this motherboard was used in the UK and the latest UK bios which I am currently using states that processors up to mhz can be recognized and coppermine support is available.

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The alteration of modes is …. Per the tech website, some part numbers of this motherboard will not accept coppermine processors.

I Can’t wait to find one of those one day. Maybe you can use a slotket, I believe it has the options to change the Vcore??? Chances are remote itnel an Intel board that there are jumper settings that allow you to do this manually. Artex has the same looking towers I have. The response time is equal to 4 ms, and viewing angles are degrees. You may have to register before you can post: My amibay FS thread: My Dell BX motherboard that shipped with a P3 shows 00 Mhz at post, As dell didn’t leave enough space for 4 figures it seems.


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Fan SilverStone FHP is enclosed into a black frame and houses wide impeller section with seven blades. I am interested in the following: Return to General Old Hardware.

He can’t get a straight answer either and doesn’t want to buy one and either be stuck with it or have to ws404bx the restocking cost. Thanks for the photo. Anyway, good luck, maybe a second computer would be in order here As I stated above, my main concern is the ability of my motherboard to support these lower voltages.

Now i only wanna get my mhz oc on the then i’m happy.

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I know my board won’t overclock, but I don’t want it to. Oh shoot, my bad.

The model features mm dimensions and weighs not more than g. He has the same board with a processor. The time now is