You will receive a reply within 2 business days. From the customers perspective, however, layers don’t matter at all. Sounds great, but why would anybody, especially Intel, label a 1. Fortunately or unfortunately, we replicated our results with the P4T and MHz was the absolute top there too. The second digit is the production year, surprisingly here.

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But in the long run, C1 stepping CPUs are all based on the highest core produced with that stepping. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. In other words, it can happen while playing Quake that the 1.

They cost you “only” 1. Every P4 mainboard expected to overclock well should have the general overclocking features: This means we have to experiment with a lower clocked P4 to achieve better results. The board is equipped with a few uF and uF capacitors.

Intel engineers denied these rumours and claimed them to be completely false although if you run your P4 without a fan this feature could kick in. We sincerely hope that Intel will manage to repack all the stripped features once Northwood is released and hope that the talks about KB L2 cache will prove false, as more L2 cache is NOT the best way to raise P4 performance now Pentium 4 basics You will have to get used to this, but once something is invented in the computer business, it will later start to scale exponentially.


We are in the lucky position of being able to prove both of the statements above, as we have spent a few days together with a couple of P4 processors and motherboards. But not very differently. Whoever thinks there isn’t a difference between a Pentium 4 and a Pentium 4 is wrong, remember? Overclocking Intel CPUs became somewhat difficult when Intel introduced intek locked multiplier scheme for its processors.

Taxes and shipping, etc. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Clear queue Compare 0. These are the CPUs we are looking for! This specific part is no longer being manufactured or purchased and no inventory is available.

Used for end of life products.

MSI 850 Pro2 – extreme P4 overclocking!

See your Intel representative for details. Intel refers to these processors as tray or OEM processors. Crazy high overclocks let’s forget extreme cooling methods now, with a better stepping, they also do better always attribute to “tricks” like this. A bus is a subsystem that transfers data between computer components or between computers.

Please contact system vendor for more information on specific products or systems. This is in line with the ASUS vision of creating environment-friendly and recyclable products and packaging to safeguard consumers’ health while minimizing the impact on the environment. B2 stepping and a modest overclock here Probably yes, although production does work by sorting the CPUs in categories after they have been pre-tested by Intel.


Vásárlás: GIGABYTE GA-ZXP-SLI Alaplap –

Our guess, that such 1. We won’t be giving you any Quake, 3DMark and Unreal scores as we have reviewed at least a,aplap different P4 combos with GeForce3 video cards in the last month and the goal of this review was to find the place the Pro2 amongst other P4 solutions.

ALL current P4 processors are available in the C1 flavour and man, what a flavour that is! The i GMCH does tend to run hot, but we were more statisfied with the huge passive heatsink we saw on almost all other P4 boards, as it does its job perfectly, but is much more quiet. The information herein is provided “as-is” and Intel does not make any representations or warranties whatsoever regarding accuracy of the information, nor on the product features, availability, functionality, or compatibility of the products listed.

Aalaplap refers to the semiconductor lentium used to manufacture an integrated circuit, and is reported in nanometer nmindicative of the size of features built on the semiconductor.

Rumour has been on the ‘net saying that the P4 has a thermal protection circuit it does that kicks in from time to time and throttles the clock of the CPU down halfway.