Did you exhaust all options with Holley, politely? Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I’m guessing the connector is epoxy potted in? Last edited by dieselgeek ; February 7th, , Find More Posts by Rick Finsta.

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For those interested, send an offer. Last edited by Krinkov; at The only way I usg see getting to that pin would be cutting away the material and hopefully exposing enough of the pin to solder to. To me the biggest fear is blindly trying to cut it away dremmel?

They sealed the port altogether and as long as you’re done tuning the system was still useful. Somebody was looking for holley ecu to try a theory he had regarding repairing them.

Originally Posted by Krinkov. Find More Posts by Honk if parts fall off. Find More Posts by Rick Finsta. Find More Posts by Blown7. I’d prototype one and then I would have it manufactured.


Last edited by dieselgeek ; February 7th, I still have it. Originally Posted by Blown7.

Caveat Emptor buyer beware!!! If Holley doesn’t make their ECU’s who does? Hey I would try at least taking it apart and posting some photos I’ve repaired some 10 layer boards. Send a private message to bramagedained.

I have used a ton of HPs and Dominators without the problem, if it “crumbled” then there is a materials defect in my opinion. I’ll get some pics posted. I don’t know who ush are Find More Posts by Stangfun.

Send a private message to Stangfun. Holley told me that they at least designed their own board and hllley, but I was told that by AEM once too which is a joke, their series 1 and 2 were outsourced designs originally intended for OEM use.

Holley 558-409 Dominator EFI USB Cable

ubs Sent it in to Holley and they say they can’t repair it. Looks like I have 2 options Find More Posts by mufflerguy. Find More Posts by bramagedained. Send a private message to zbrown.


The dreaded damaged USB on Holley Dominator EFI – Yellow Bullet Forums

So I called Holley and they said they couldn’t help me it is a nonreplicable component, and I ha probably tugged on it or twisted it so it was my fault. It’s all surface mount and completely epoxy potted so repair is not likely to be economical. This is highly unlikely in many cases, so I ended up purchasing a new unit. Windsor Ontario Canada Posts: