I am gunna get my shotgun and destroy the printer. A few head cleanings later, and it was printing like normal again. BTW, I was able to clamp the cap assembly to the side with just a large paper clip. By the time I buy the cleaning kit, and a new black cartridge to replace the one that’s almost empty from all the head cleanings, it would add up to about half the cost of a new all-in-one. I noticed that under the pad where the heads sit when parked, there is a black hose attached to it. Yes, my printer is still working fine.

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I just went in to Best Buy and purchased a HP.

Partial pattern printing can be caused by compatible cartridges when they don’t seal correctly with printer carriage or by clogs. Epson has many different formulas epzon for its black ink, for all the different epson printers, let alone for their colored inks.

I finally accessed the internet and found this page.

HP cx in Other Printer & Scanner Accs | eBay

Thanks so much for having such great advice and information on this site to help the millions of people that bought this printer!!!! Do I have to dismantle the scanner unit to get to the print cartridge unit? I followed the directions on this site and reconnected the ink tube and also purchased the Epson Cleaning Solution and my results are mixed.

The bottom of the printer head is smeered in black ink. We really just use our printer for non-business type documents and the copier. Some people spson refill the empty epson ink cartridge and then reset the electrical chip.


If you mean so it does not Dis-connect again Just ’cause you’re a failure doesn’t mean that everyone is. I let them know upfront that I had always used the generic cartridges figuring that they would tell me they couldn’t help but surprisingly they offered me a few options of which I chose to ship elson my printer at their expense! When there are printing problems on the newer models, it is usually never something easy or simple, such as a failing or empty ink cartridge.

I have just recently been given a CX from a friend who barely used it, and so far haven’t had any problems with it, but after reading this gigantic forum thread, I feel confident that I can handle any issues that arrive.

I put it back together and printed a test page.


epsln If by chance, you are not epsoj an actual epson ink cartridge and because you said “if i clean the nozzle heaed and take out the cartidge and replace it then it will print bits, it does like lines some are balk and faded and sometimes there is nothing, its like a stripy page”, it is possible that you may have an actual ink cartridge problem. I re-connected to my PC, ran a nozzle check, and voila, it prints.

After returning it to the store and trying another new one – it became obvious that it was the printer, not the cartridge. Either you buy an actual epson ink cartridge, or keep trying the non-epson 540000, until you find a brand that will work in your printer. I have thesame problem.

Where is the tip it got disconnected from? Hi there Andrew, read your article on lights staying onon epson printer ,ive tried epdon do what you say about turning power off and holding down buttons but all my red lights and end green one still stay eppson Any ideas? See each listing for international shipping options and costs.


It will not print if any cartridge is empty. Now we get a “scanner error” when starting up. Well, before aborting the tube reconnect project, I gave it one more try, and I succeeded!

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If you are actually using a “Non-Epson Ink Cartridge” [generic or third-party cartridge] in your printer, it is possible that using that wrong ink formulation could be causing possible problems.

Now I just have to figure out how I am going to go in there to reattach.

None of the colors would print. So I tried to print something in all the colors blue, yellow, pink, black and the ONLY color it would print in just fine was magenta.

Epson Stylus CX5400 printing problem

I can provide greater details of this if you are interested. All the connections cable to computer from machine are secure.

I took it apart but I could not get the tubing to stay on the connector and wasn’t crazy about the idea of buying special tweezers, pliers and new ink cartridges to possibly discover that I could be buying merchandise for an unrepairable machine. That replacement printer is usually not an actual new printer. Turn off the printer again, then turn it back on again and the printer will work fine again.