Flashes when data are sent from the interface to the vehicle. If the seller you purchased from did not give you with this try the numbers we provided. I am begining to think I must be missing something. The software will automatically connect to the vehicle. Having read through this post and trying a few things with my OBD II connection im not getting anywhere. Thanks you so much! Be sure that the vehicle is running, a red light is illuminated on the scanner and that Bluetooth or WiFi is enabled on the receiving device ie.

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If you have bit Windows, double-click on: This is latest genuine v2.

The way described above seems a bit hard to me…. Thanks for posting this!

Assuming you have a Bluetooth scanner, you can request the pairing code from the vendor you purchased the scanner from. Most of the clones are reporting [ELM v1. The clones and original ELM I tried to set the protocol manually us went through all 10 protocols with no change in result. This little test will enable you to determine what level of function is installed in your interface. I am running Ubuntu If you changed the COM-Port during this process and EasyOBD-II is unable to connect to your diagnostic scanner, we suggest to elm2377 the reinstallation a second time starting from step one.


What am I doing wrong?!?

ELM327 car diagnostics interfaces

These are good hints to start with. Consequently, anyone could buy a genuine ELM, and read ELM’s proprietary binary microcontroller software using a device uzb.

I am uzb to replicate your example with this cable http: Will require as much help from your program. So what are my best, easiest and most reliable interface options? Thanks theksmith for the information.

Start your vehicle, plug in the adapter and click to ‘Add a Device’ in the Bluetooth menu. My script just waits and doesn get any information I tried all the CAN protocols and set all the filters to em237 all.

It will then work with any OBD2 software and your car. Is it some kind of UART problem or what? I am having the same problem as Nick is. I suspect if they connect to the bus at a different location than the diagnostic port, they will have activity. Site map Contact us. I have a bluetooth ELM adapter which i can read data from using laptop or the android torque app.


USB – Torque OBD2 Wiki

It is only a copy of version 1. In which case, click here on how to connect to your car in the next 5 minutes using proper OBD-II software Regards success Bruce and thanks all. This is simply magnificent work. If it continues to refuse to pair and you have tried all of the default pairing codes ”, ”, ”, etc. For more details about these protocols, see our page communication standard. If your scanner continues to refuse to connect, consult with the corresponding trouble-shooting points in the guide and if all else fails, ubs the scanner to whomever you purchased from and get a scanner from a reliable seller.

This article needs additional citations for verification. What should I do.?