Current firmware revisions support ten levels of zoom and allow scrolling around the page, making the device suitable for reading many PDF files. Miscellaneous Included Handheld Accessories. As a paperback, the Opus can be easily arranged in a hand bag or a purse. The Cybook Opus is marketed as a pocket-sized ebook reader. You also have the option of turning the device completely upside down if you are left-handed, and when you do this the controls automatically switch too, so that page-forward is still the top button. You can also select from three different fonts; Courier New, Georgia and Verdana. Conclusion It was difficult to find many cons for the Cybook Opus, the only one that stood out is the price, which places the Opus on a similar level as many 6 inch readers.

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Bookeen Cybook Opus – eBook Reader

One has to choose between ePub or Mobi due to Amazon contract restrictionsbut you can swap Mobi and ePUB firmware as often as you wish and as sensible. That’s it, your new content is in the Opus, ready to be displayed No software installation, no synchronization process, no file conversion and most of all the Opus is compatible with any kind of host computer Bookfen, Linux, Mac.

The Cybook Opus is an ultra-light reading device based on E Ink screen technology. This display allows for reading under a number of different lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

Conversions from all formats can be done with 3rd party software such as Calibre. It was difficult to find many cons for the Cybook Opus, the only one that stood out is the price, which places the Opus on a similar level as many 6 inch readers. Mobipocket doesn’t allow DRM-protected ebook support for both their format and Adobe Digital Editions at the same time.


Bookeen Cybook Opus Review

The Reader also features a fast start-up time that brings you directly back to the last page you opys. It has a handy folder management system with sub-folders and customizable options.

The back side is made with one half in a metallic grey that acts as a battery compartment cover — the Opus looks like nothing else on the market. The menu is activated by a dedicated button, and then there’s a back button to booleen to the previous option or screen.

The 12 Levels of font size give an amazing amount of control allowing the user to find that perfect size. And this eBook has an uncomplicated interface that allows you to perform different actions quickly.

Bookeen Cybook Opus – eBook reader – 1 GB – 5″ Overview – CNET

The page flips are the only thing that consumes battery. Bookeen Cybook Opus eBook Reader. When you read it definitely gives you the experience of reading from paper Ultra-Low Power Consumption An Electronic Ink Display achieves ultra-low power consumption in a thin, light form.

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Bookeen recently updated the boookeen and added several color options for the Opus: For organization, there are a number of options for customizing the view of the main menu.

Page Turning and Start-up Time Start-up time is a little slower than with other eReaders; taking around 15 seconds. Along the bottom there are three keys: G-sensor for motion detection: To charge the device, you use the same included USB cable that you use for transferring content to it either via free Adobe Digital Editions software or by dragging and dropping to storage.


Cybook Opus

A cool ergonomic shape with nicely rounded edges and contours that blend into the lovely 5 inch screen. Conclusion It was difficult to find many cons for the Cybook Opus, the only one that stood out is the price, which places the Opus on a similar level as many 6 inch readers.

The battery life on any E-Ink based ebook reader is very good but somehow Bookeen have managed to extend this even more with the Opus.

The casing has a very smooth, Pearl coloured finish and although made from plastic it by no means feels flimsy. It is produced by the French company Bookeen. Comes with a great hard dybook, giving protection to the reader while keeping the device lightweight during reading. Massive battery life, much more than other dedicated readers. Other features of the Opus include font size adjustment, easy content management, and multi-format support.

Or Adobe Digital Editions support through firmware upgrade: Its screen possesses a paper-like high contrast appearance and is readable under direct sunlight. Nonetheless, the Cybook Opus is opuw quality ebook reader with a loyal following.

Storage by Rick Broida Oct 10, Battery Battery Life pages. There are a number of organizational options and ways to sort ebooks, such as file type, author, title, date, etc.