In response to a new hardware project KernelLabs is starting up, we have started to take a closer look at the recently merged ngene driver. I don’t know if they have ever offered a HDHomerun, but I monitor that site too. It is prohibited for users to provide material that is illegal, threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or which otherwise violates laws, statutes and regulations in the territory where users locate. I thought the card had the stuff integrated in it, but just figured I’d ask. I imagine Mint does, but I dont know. There are a few different models to chose from, so get one that meets your needs.

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I don’t have Win Xp installed on anything, but I know people have had this card running great on Windows 10, problem is, I’m not them Titigrom, when you download the AC3 filterdo you just run the installer and that’s it? You may obtain the License for the use of product imagines, trademarks and logos of AVerMedia via contacting AVerMedia for detailed information.

How do you install this driver in Ubuntu 10? Thanks again for the help! Originally Posted by minivanman.

AVerMedia AVerTV Combo PCIe (M) – LinuxTVWiki

I’m not sure what the original driver number was, I’m just wanting to try different things. I just have that thought in the back of my head that it’s something simple like a program I don’t have installed or something. Be aware that the cable card version does not to ATSC over the airand the non-cable card version does not do encryption. But the driver shows as installed fine, any ideas?


I was running avermedis card on XP about 10 years ago with the 32 bit drivers. When I run avermexia as root, I get: If you cable company goes encrypted, then you can reuse it for Antenna.

Analog works just fine, but still can’t get any channels even with the 2 avermeria you provided. But I would assume there is probably one that is legally redistributable since the ngene code is upstream. May 15, at Hi Jon, This is the result of some kernel developers deciding it was a good idea to change the names of some popular functions, without any concern for the breakage it would cause with out of tree drivers or older kernels.

Getting the analog support working will require a significant amount of work on the ngene driver. In ubuntu I had to omit the firetv driver by nano.

I need to see what the redistribution status is on the firmware for the ngene. Averkedia for a much tidier setup in the end. Or get the Prime for 3 tuners, but if they go encrypted, you’ll need to get a CableCard or it’ll be useless. What I do is compare the prices per tuner count when on sale.

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If you have any technical problems after downloading the software, AVerMedia recommends users to ask for help directly from your PC manufacturers or distributors who sell the equipment or devices. I linud purchased a new tuner in a while, but this is what I currently have.


The scan always comes up with 0 channels. You mentioned recording analog channels. Last edited by telemark; at All other products and brand names posted on this website are registered trademarks of the relevant companies, such as “Microsoft” linud “Windows” of Microsoft Corporation of the United States and “Intel” of Intel Corporation of the United States.

But before I buy another tuner, I at least want some perspective on what to expect. I’m currently installing Windows 7 on another hard drive, so In about an hour or so I’ll try my luck with it. Or are there some tuners out there that will be automagically detected just like most video display cards and audio cards are detected without much of a problem?

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. The only OTA analog channels are low-power, and I doubt that is what you would record. AverMedia M Drivers and Software. So if you happen to be an owner of an m, feel free to give it a try and provide feedback in the comments!