In a second assembly mode, the fourth connecting part is connected to the second connecting part so that the base frame is fixed to the second plane of the housing and supports the housing with a third plane adjacent to the second plane. An acute angle is formed between the first radiating unit and the micro-line unit. The first and the second radiation portion are operated at the first and the second bandwidth respectively, wherein the second bandwidth is in higher frequency than the first bandwidth. The transceiving module receives a channel state information CSI from the corresponding communication device, wherein the CSI comprises CSIs of a plurality of selected subcarriers. The antenna comprises a first metal pattern and a second metal pattern.

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The casing has a terminal end opposite to the USB connecting end and a hole located at the terminal end. The ground plane is on the second surface of the dielectric substrate. The mobile communication device transmits another registration signal to the first base station with the strongest measured signal strength. The base frame includes a third connecting part and a fourth connecting part. The second radiation portion is connected to the first end at a connecting part and includes a first arm and a second arm.

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The radiator operating in a first frequency band includes a feeding branch coupled to the signal transmitting unit for receiving a feeding signal. In a second assembly mode, the fourth connecting part is connected to arcadyah second connecting part so that the base frame is fixed to the second plane of the housing and supports the housing with a third arcaeyan adjacent to the second plane.

The ratio of the first length to the sum of the first and the second width is less than a second value. That is because the outer shell can be easily deformed to compensate for the deviation. For example, the target antenna can be used to scan for the channels specified in dynamic frequency selection.


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The second radiating unit is connected to the first side of the first radiating unit. The indicator is related to a cell-specific MBS configuration of the base station. After that, a channel is established between the peripheral device and the host system.

The method includes steps of seeking an operation frequency of the antenna; and adjusting the operation bandwidth of the antenna by adjusting the second width based on the operation frequency. The logic circuit may turn on the watchdog circuit after the environmental temperature is higher than the first temperature for the watchdog circuit to keep detecting whether the main circuit of an electronic device is turned on until the main circuit corporqtion turned on.

The main body has a first terminal and a second terminal, and further includes a width varying part and two folds, wherein the width varying part is disposed between the two folds.

The mobile device performs a data transmission procedure with the primary base station during an available interval of a low-duty mode to communicate with the backhaul network device via the primary base station, and performs a connection keeping procedure with the backup base station during an unavailable arcaxyan of the low-duty mode.

Tao, Ming Hung Kone, Mamadou. An RF detection point is formed on the second surface. You can check and see if the indicated MAC address matches something you actually own. Was your question answered?

The micro-line unit includes a first terminal, a second terminal and a feeding point. The two points are connected over a wire for forming a signal-feeding direction. After the coordinate system is constructed, the electronic compass measures the current direction information directed towards the controlled device to be remote controlled from a current location.


A main access point is first selected. The radiation portion includes a feed terminal and three conductor branch paths directly extending from the feed terminal. A first plane of the housing has a groove including a first connecting part. At least two upward-protrudent grounding members are formed onto the connecting member.

Users may therefore access the peripheral device through the interface. One end of the first extending part forms a first connecting end. The body of each antenna unit includes a radiating member which is extended from an inverse-F portion type structure at the upper half of the body.

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The symmetrizing portion has an axis and two radiation portions are symmetrically connected to the symmetrizing portion along the axis. The second antenna is disposed on the second signal transport layer but does not overlap under the first antenna.

The first conductive layer defines two sides of the gap to be a first inner edge and a second inner edge, and a first matching element and a second matching are formed from the first inner edge and the second inner edge respectively. The first conductive pattern is on the first surface of the dielectric substrate, coupled to a feeding line. The resonator group is disposed between the first antenna and the second antenna and separated from the first antenna corportaion the second antenna.

The second radiation element operates in a second frequency band.