However, this design example does not generate all the files necessary to download the design example to hardware. When asserted, this signal indicates that the Hard IP clock is in reset. For Gen1 and Gen2 only. This field indicates the scaling factor when interpreting the value retrieved from the data register. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Project Management Best Practices.

Simpler Chaining DMA Testbench Example – Altera Wiki

During a single cycle, the IP core can consume either a single header credit or both a header and a data credit. Each credit is 20 bytes.

Records the following PME status information: The outstanding requests are limited by the number of header tags and the maximum read request size. To use this example design as the basis of your own design, replace the Chaining DMA Example shown in the following figure alterw your own Application Layer design.

Altera performs the following tests in the simulation environment: After the transfer is complete, the software application uses the counter value to compute the throughput for the transfer and reports it.


Timing models include initial engineering estimates of delays based on early post-layout information.

Arria V Avalon-ST Interface for PCIe Solutions User Guide

Indicates that there are no more descriptors pending in the read DMA. These signals are not available if Configuration Space Bypass mode is enabled. Link status bits as follows: Slot power scale 0—3 Specifies the scale used for the Slot power limit. Records the following link status information: High —This setting configures most of the RX Buffer space for received requests and allocates a slightly larger than minimum amount of space for received completions.

The DMA module also includes a performance counter. Clocks the Application Layer. Writes transfers data from the FPGA to system memory.

Now the DMA is set up, chining isn’t running yet. Specifies the slot number. Processors and DSP More. Issuing a packet with an incorrect number of data cycles results in the TX interface hanging and becoming unable to accept further requests. LMI write operations are not recommended for use during normal operation.


Four time value ranges are defined: Number of tags supported for non-posted requests. This interface is not pipelined. The chaining DMA design example uses an architecture capable of transferring a large amount of fragmented memory without accessing the DMA registers for every memory block.

Port VC3 arbitration table Reserved. Example Design Preset Parameters. An acknowledge signal is sent back to the Application Layer when the execution is complete.

Error Source Identification Register.

Eight multiplexed functions operate using a single PCI Express link. To ensure correct values are captured, your Application RTL must include code to force sampling to the middle of this window. Creating a System with Qsys. LMI write operations are not recommended for use during normal operation with the exception of AER header logging.