The TG’s bottom is just as solid as the upper side. Switching has to be initiated by a few mouse clicks. The key field fits tight everywhere and the feared coiling doesn’t evolve. You’ll probably want to plug in a pair of headphones, however: Felipe, Do you mean replacing the LCD screen? I only have broadband connection and the wireless connection is not showing.

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Will the real gaming performance confirm the synthetic and obsolete 3DMark06? Last time we reviewed an Acer Aspire Timeline laptop — the 14in Twhich we tested in mid — we were impressed.

Acer Aspire TimelineX TG notebook Specifications – Brand Centre – Acer – PC World Australia

Merely the display bezel. The waste heat only approaches 50 degrees selectively bottom. Inukshuk – Mar 4, at Supplies There aren’t any DVDs included. The pad has horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Also, when I first tried restarting my laptop the internet worked.

Good to see this… Thank You Very Much for posting this. The keys have a slightly unclear pressure point and a short key stroke.


A sticker on the notebook heralds it, but we don’t believe it. Hello, is there a tutorial about replacing the monitor? This effect already starts with the slightest deviation on the vertical plane, so about 15 degrees. We think Acer has another winner on its hands: I changed the thermal paste and everything was OK. If D-drive doesn’t exist in your laptop then change the letter d to c.

Acer Aspire 5820TG laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

The arrow keys are only half the size of standard letter keys, but a small gap separates them from the shift key above. The scroll areas aren’t any longer mandatory because of the two finger detection. Thank you so much. Cons Lid has a propensity to pick up fingerprints, no eSATA port, display has poor viewing angles, might be a little too big for some people. The cooling system turns up a bit in the test games.

Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820TG notebook

Bad Company 2 – smooth in high details. Excellent tip,many thanks much appreciated, Tamara. Nevertheless, the keys have room for improvement.


There’s no docking station to untangle the cable mess available for the Aspire consumer. This is also a pleasantly low power consumption, compared to the I’ve been trying for 3 weeks to get this sorted. We find something like an embrasure 55820 a possible SIM card slot underneath the battery.

The notebook has a 2. The cooling can’t maintain its lowest speed with an enabled HD and increases up wirepess I have cleaned a cooling system precisely and now temperature went down 60 C!

It’s as comfortable to use as a full-scale desktop replacement like the It can be unplugged and replaced. In our Blender 3D rendering and MP3 encoding tests the TimelineX achieved scores of 55sec and 1min 1sec, respectively. The hinges have a tight grip on the lid and there is only a slight teetering.